Kate Kaznadey was born in Minsk, Belarus.
She graduated from the Vocal Department (Singing Division) of the Belarusian State Academy of Music. Additionally, she studied Musical Theater Directing in the studio of Margarita Izvorska-Elizarieva, a Honoured Art Worker of the Republic of Belarus and a Professor.

Since 2019, Kate has been studying fine art, digital illustration, and concept art at a private school. Her artistic skills extend to storyboarding, as well as sketching costumes and scenery for performances. She has also created various commercial illustrations and posters, some of which have been published in magazines like “Where Minsk” and “On Air.”

Kate’s notable achievement includes being the creator of the 62-meter mural titled “City Flowers” located in the center of Minsk. Her creative process is fueled by her passion for books, music, musicians, theater, and actors, which often find expression in her artwork.

Катя Казнадей