Cyrano de Bergerac by Jamie Lloyd

Cyrano de Bergerac

I was incredibly lucky to catch a performance of Jamie Lloyd’s rendition of “Cyrano de Bergerac” last year. Let me tell you, it left an everlasting impression and ranks high among my most exhilarating experiences of the year.

As a devoted fan of Rostand’s original play, I couldn’t have been more pleased with this fresh interpretation.

Whenever I come across such artistic brilliance, it’s like a surge of adrenaline, and I can’t find peace until I channel those emotions through music or art.

This extraordinary performance has stayed with me for months, and finally, I found the perfect moment and space to capture it on canvas. It was my way of expressing profound gratitude to the entire team behind this captivating production. In this sequence of images, you can witness the unfolding of my creative journey as it mirrors the enchantment that encompassed me.

I allowed myself to indulge in some playful experimentation, intertwining elements of beatboxing into the mix. The result is akin to a mesmerizing time-lapse, compressing countless hours of work into a brief minute. Let’s just say it required a substantial amount of caffeine—18 cups of coffee, to be precise!

Cyrano de Bergerac by Jamie Lloyd
Cyrano de Bergerac by Jamie Lloyd
Cyrano de Bergerac by Jamie Lloyd
Cyrano de Bergerac by Jamie Lloyd

Each day, I added a few fleeting moments to the video, capturing the essence of my progress. I began with Roxane and concluded with the enthralling duo of Cyrano and Roxane

This wordless story weaves its own narrative, as actions often speak louder than words, don’t they? But, of course, let’s not take it all too seriously. As they say, “All the silly things on this planet are done with a stern expression on one’s face.” So, keep that smile on your lips and embrace the joy of it all.

Some kumquats for Chris Fung

“-Kumqats? -A kumquat is tiny — ok, well that’s… “⠀

Chris is a wonderful actor and a part of the Cyrano de Bergerac team. He left warm words about my fan time-lapse. Since then, we’ve become friends.
As a result, one fine day, he entrusted me with reading his play. This led to an incredibly interesting project that you can read about here

Cyrano de Bergerac by Jamie Lloyd

A heartfelt thank you to the entire team whose collective efforts breathed life into the timeless story of Cyrano de Bergerac.

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