Portrait for a donation to the Australian Wildlife Fund 

In January 2020, photos of fires in Australia flashed in all the news feeds.

Hundreds of sympathetic comments, sighs and questions: «What to do?!»
The answer came quickly: Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who is the UN peace ambassador, created the Australia Wildfire Fund, all of whose funds go to extinguish fires, their consequences and help animals.

I decided to make cartoon-style portraits, offering people to exchange them for donation to the fund.
Everyone determined the amount himself.
To create a portrait, I needed confirmation of the donation, several photographs and the history of the future heroes of the picture.
The action lasted a month: from January 6 to February 6, each carer received a print-quality A3 picture.  


 It all started with this picture. Alexandra ordered a portrait as a gift. She wanted a «typical family portrait» which was made not so typical thanks to a cheerful pug.

Polya & Yoda

Polya is 25 years old and she dreams of becoming an astrophysicist. Next to her is a friend — Yoda) They are real Jedi knights who will not leave you in trouble! 💚🐨🙏



Tatyana is very lovely! 

She loves yoga, coffee, family, her dog  (its name is John Snow). The whole world in general!
Tatyana also knows how to do amazing things from epoxy resin!


Andrey and Lena.  

The guys love nature, travel, and Pink Floyd!
Our hearts are with Australia!


  Alexey and Alesya  

 The guys told so many interesting things about themselves that would be enough for a whole illustration book. We chose the fish because, firstly, it is consonant with their last name, and secondly, they visit aquariums and oceanariums wherever they go.



The owner of this kind dog, Lena, was one of the first to respond to the offer to exchange a donation for a portrait. Bonya helped koalas)


 Sasha and Nina  

 Father, daughter and beautiful smiles.


  Sasha and Nina_2.0  

 Yes, these are the same guys, because everyone wanted a portrait as a keepsake. The girl really wanted her dad to have a banana smile!


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