City Flowers

This mural spans an impressive size of 62×3 meters, capturing attention with its grandeur.

It showcases an extraordinary concept: 51 European capitals represented by unique flowers. Each flower represents a city, allowing foreigners to connect with their native lands. The city names are elegantly inscribed in both Belarusian and the respective language of each depicted city.

What amazes me is the superstition that has developed around this artwork, instilling hope in people’s hearts. It is believed that obtaining a visa becomes easier if one takes a photo with the flower representing their intended destination…

I, too, want to believe in the power of this belief.

🍀 May fortune smile upon those with pure hearts! 🍀

This painting stands as my greatest achievement to date, made possible with the invaluable assistance of remarkable individuals. Together, we dedicated an entire month meticulously applying strokes with small brushes. Our collective intention was to leave a positive mark on the world, even if only in a small way.

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